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Weekend Preview

Weekend Preview: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

If this looks familiar…

Does it feel like we have seen this before? Sure, but something needs to go up on the column, so here we go….

1. New York is still closed.
If you live in New York and you want to bowl, you can either go north, south, or east. But you have to bowl somewhere that’s not the Empire state. At least for nowm until Phase 4 starts, which is next week. Maybe. Pending on what the politicians in charge decide to do.

2. Lots of action in CT and NJ and PA.
It shouldn’t have to be said if you’ve been following social media. But yes, there’s lots of tournaments to whet your starvation of lack of Summer leagues or bowling events.

3. Mystery Tournaments in the Southeast
We know there’s touraments going on in North Carolina, but the state is SUPPOSED to be closed. We we are underground bowlers and the small fact of the alleys supposed to be closed is not going to stop anyone. Of course, if there’s tournaments in South Carolina or Georgia, those states are open, so that shouldn’t affect anyone.

4. If you were in Ohio last week, you’re staying home.
Quarantine period isn’t over yet. It will be though next weekend. But you have to wait for 7 more days. Sorry.

5. Baseball?
Major League Baseball is supposed to be opening up. So at least if you decided to stay at home, you can look forward to finally watching home runs, double plays, and umpires making lousy calls. At least you don’t have to worry about that last part in bowling.

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