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What to do and watch this weekend

Alleys are opening up. Feel the itch to bowl? Bring your mask.

Now usually, this section is saved for Match-ups we think you’re going to want to see. However, because of the bowling alley shutdown, there’s hasn’t been enough to see anything. BUT now that alleys are starting to open up, it’s time to clear out the cobwebs and start polishing up your bowling bal….equipment. Heh. If you want some ideas on where to bowl or what to watch if you don’t want to go out to bowl, we’d love to give you some.

1. The UBA is not back up and running yet. Any sort of activity that you see going on is not an official UBA event BUT you could see UBA people there. If so, have fun.
2. The Coronavirus has not gone on Summer break, as the numbers of people who are catching this ailment have gone up in certain hot spot states. IF YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO AN ALLEY PLEASE USE ALL PRECAUTIONS AND PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSE USE COMMON SENSE.

And now, time for the top weekend options:

1. If you’re in the DE area, Bowlerama is open
If you’ve seen on social media people making 4-5 hour treks down to Delaware, this could be the reason why. The place where 2019’s Battle Bowl was held is back open. Granted there are lots of restrictions (follow the arrows, 6 feet distance, no two consecutive lanes in action at the same time, no spectators – if you’re in the building, you’re there to bowl, etc.), but it’s a great start. They will be open on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 8pm. There’s fresh oil laid out every morning, and yes, the bar IS open (and food). Lanes are first come, first serve (and the lanes have sold out earlier on this week, so get here earlier than later). The cost is $15 per person for 2 hours, and $50 if there’s more than 3 people (savings!) The address is 3031 New Castle Ave, New Castle, DE 19720 and their number is (302) 654-0263

2. South Carolina is open for business
If you’re in the South Carolina area, you’re in luck. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has lifted restrictions on bowling alleys and the occupancy of retail establishments, despite South Carolina having the largest numbers ever for the state (hence, the aforementioned if you’re going to show up, be careful warning earlier on in the article). That means Rock Hill, Anchor, Royal Z and Strikers will all be potentially open to the public in some way, shape or form. Check out the alley’s websites for details.

3. Feeling Lucky? Bowl in Vegas
Last Thursday, June 4, was the opening day of many Las Vegas Casinos. And as the casinos opened, so did many of the bowling alleys attached to them. South Point and its bowling center opened as scheduled on Thursday. All other Las Vegas casinos housing large bowling centers also were scheduled to reopen Thursday, with the exception of Texas Station. No reopening date has been announced for that property. So go to South Point Bowling Center if you want to roll some games as well as some dice.

4. If you prefer staying at home, check out the Summer Clash on Fox Sports
8 PBA bowlers enter. One person walks off with a title. If you want to watch the one ball elimination tournament, check out FOX on Saturday June 13 at 6pm. You can click here for the link if you want to watch it online:

5. Check out BowlTV for UBA highlights and many bowling events.
Finally, it would be remiss to not mention BowlTV and the huge amount of content to watch if you don’t want to go out. If you are subscribed to BowlTv, great. If not, you can use the promo code UBA$ and save 15% off of your annual subscription. Go to for details.

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