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Let’s talk unofficial awards

NOTE: These are awards given out by the DMV resident columnist Andre Welbon. This is NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY and the opinions of Mr. Welbon do NOT represent the UBA OR anything affiliated with the UBA.

That being said, have fun 🙂

As promised, I have diligently overlooked the tour stops of this season and have compiled an awards list. Please feel free to critique and share your opinions.

And without further adieu, the individual awards are the following:

Male Bowler of the Year (North): Co-Winners — Roger Barnes of Kryptonite (original average:234, year-end average: 241, games: 18) and Pat McGainey of Outrage (original average: 241, year-end average: 242, games: 24)

Male Bowler of the Year (South): Chris Johnson of SBC (original average: 238, year-end average: 235, games: 18)

Female Bowler of the Year (North): Sam Schaden of Outrage (original average: 223, year-end average: 220, games: 18)

Female Bowler of the Year (South): Debbie Myers-Barnes of High Powered (original average: 233, year-end average: 219, games: 15)

Rookie of the Year (North): Dakota Deutsch of The Expendables (original average:236, year-end average:236, games: 18)

Rookie of the Year (South): James Johnson of DC Mafia (original average: 226, year-end average: 223, games: 12)

President of the Year (North): Rob Bateman of Kryptonite; Team won 220 out of 320 points on the year

President of the Year (South): Darnell Bell of SBC; Team won 244 out of 320 points on the year

Team of the Year (North): Kryptonite, Finished 1st

Team of the Year (South): Str8 Bizness Cartel, Finished 1st

Most Improved Team (North): Kryptonite, Finished in 9th in 2018-2019 Season and Finished in 1st this season.

Most Improved Team (South): Most Wanted (but the members were a part of another squad), did not exist last season and finished in 4th this season.

Most Improved Player (North): Bobby Reece of Kryptonite; had a 216 season tour average last season and finished this season with a 227 season tour average.

Most Improved Player (South): Marques Ford of Contract Killaz; had a 206 season tour average last season and finished this season with a 220 season tour average.

Match of the Year (North): Outrage vs. N.W.O. at Tour Stop #2 on October 13, 2019. The match was decided by a total of 31 pins with N.W.O. beating Outrage 28 to 12.

Match of the Year (South): SBC vs. DCM at Tour Stop #2 on October 6, 2019. The match was decided by 19 pins and LJ Holmes had to shoot a 300 to seal the deal for DCM to take home a 30 to 10 victory.

Walkdown of the Year (North): N.W.O. vs. Apex at Tour Stop #3 on November 3, 2019. N.W.O. was up 4,209 to 3,984 (Apex down 225) with all 12 points for the first 2 games and loses 28 to 12 at 6,382 to 6,230 (Apex wins by 152 pins). That was a 377 pins turnaround.

Walkdown of the Year (South): Infamous vs. Body Bagz at Tour Stop #8 on March 8, 2020. Infamous was up 8 to 4 with total pin fall at 4,114 to 3,859 (+255) going into the last game. Infamous loses to Body Bagz 28 to 12, with Body Bagz coming back to win 5,905 to 5,877 (+28). That was a 283 pins turnaround.

Stretchy of the Year (North): Kryptonite vs. Charm City Chaos at Tour Stop #2 on October 13, 2019. Kryptonite trounced Charm City Chaos 38 to 2, with pin fall being 6,452 to 5,675 (+777).

Stretchy of the Year (South): Dynasty vs. Magna Carta at Tour Stop #4 on December 15, 2019. Dynasty beats Magna Carta 36 to 4 with pin fall being 6,393 to 5,662 (+731).

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