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They Won Unholy!

Antonio Santos, Charlyann Duffy and Nick McTaggart grab the Unholy Alliance title.

The team of Antonio Santos, Charlyann Duffy and Nick McTaggart have found their way into the record book by winning the 2020 Unholy Alliance. Their score of 3992 was around 40 pins better than the second placed team of Christian Clemons, Daijon Smith and Kendra Daniels.

Around 400 teams showed up to this 2 weekend event which saw the winning team average 244 per game SCRATCH en route to the win. The unofficial Top Ten results are below.


1st 3992 – Antonio Santos / Charlyann Duffy / Nick McTaggart
2nd 3954 – Christian Clemons / Daijon Smith / Kendra Daniels
3rd 3923 – Brandon Bell / Dan Gaines 3rd / Rhonda Newlon
4th 3888 – Dan Gaines / Rhonda Newlon / Robert Smith
5th 3882 – Kimberly Johnson / Alcides Al Calderon Jr. / Derek Dunn Sr.
6th 3801 – Jason Fennell / Davida Sellers / Maurice Lee
7th 3788 – Christopher Aponte / Gregory Mintz Jr. / Karla Pereira
8th 3768 – Moneshia Smith / Richard Fairley Jr. / Bryan Spencer
9th 3762 – Bryan Jones / Janine N. Jones / Derek Hopson
10th3755 – Nicole Wells / Johnny Lee / Tim Lau

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