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The UBA Post-Up: March 21/22

OK so there was no bowling. It’s still a fine time to be discussing things in the bowling world – not to mention that we all need some sort of entertainment, right?

  1. Yes northeast alleys are closed. Most of them.
    If you’re in the tri-state area and you want to bowl, you’re just as likely to see one as you are as likely to see the Democrats and Republicans agreeing on a bill. If one’s open, they have the threat of being closed down, so you’re not finding one…and…

2. If you’re in North Carolina, you have until Wednesday at 5:30pm to get your games in.
The government is cracking down n aleys because no one wants the Coronoa Virus. I don’t and you really don’t. Neither does NC, so get your fix in because until you create your own backyard set, you won’t be touching your balls (pause) for awhile.

3. Believe it or not, not all of the alleys in the US are closing down. Yet.
While the east coast is shutting everything down, for the northwest and north-midwest, it’s business as usual. At least until the virus spread moves up there. And yes leagues are still continuing up there as well, until the inevitable happens.

4. We’re number one!…yuck.

The numbers of the corona virus are not fun. In NY, it’s in the tens of thousands and in NJ, it’s in the thousands. Hence the shutdowns. UBA members in almost all of the regions that we bowl in are coming down with the Corona Virus, which really doesn’t care what team you’re on. Hence this leads to…

5. Please be safe out there

So do everything you can to keep yourself and others safe. The sooner we all follow instructions, the quicker the virus passes and the quicker we get back to our normal routine. And when that happens, the only powder you’ll have to worry about is vavy powder when you miss a 5 pin.

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