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Chance Jr. wins Southeast Cruiserweight Title

Chance makes his second chance count at the most opportune time.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. However, sometimes you get a second chance to get a Cruiserweight title. And for the Outlawz’ Sam Chance Jr., there’s no better time to get that opportunity than Mega Bowl.

And boy, did he live up to that opportunity.

Chance, despite the odds heavily against him, and despite not winning in his first shot at the Southeast Cruiserweight Championship, takes advantage of the second opportunity and defeats Brandon Shurtz to win the Southeast Cruiserweight Championship by a score of 4-2.

Part of this was Chance bowling well (his 236 and 235 in the first two games were the highest score of either competitor of the match) and part of this was Chance taking advantage of Shurtz’s mistakes, as he won game 4 190-179 and won the deciding game 180-160. But Chance is not going to say no to the title or the Megabowl money that goes with it.

Next up for Chance – either Anthony Shawler (BUFU) or Omari Styles (Motion II Strike) – both of which could be deemed favorites against Chance. That being said, will the favorites take the title – or will they need another Chance to get the job done?

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