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DMV Tour Stop #5 Predictions

Predictions from Andre Welbon

DMV South Tour Stop #5 Prediction

Saturday, January 4, 2020 at 10AM in AMF Marlow Heights

1. NoVa Beastmode vs. Contract Killaz – So, Tour Stop #4 was not a good one for either of these squads. Beastmode continues to struggle and CK cannot seem to right the ship after a great season last year. Both of these teams are sitting at the bottom of the division, but that means there is nowhere to go but up. CK has had a bit of turnover in their squad’s roster and so have Beastmode, but both squads need to find a way to turn their season around immediately. Marlow Heights is a very friendly house to most of CK’s remaining roster, so this Stop and Location plays to their favor. Both of these squads need a win in a huge way to stop the bleeding and put them in a favorable position for the upcoming Position Round. However, this prognosticator predicts that CK will win this one comfortably, 28 to 12.

2. DMV Hit Squad vs. Most Wanted – Most Wanted and DMV Hit Squad both take great wins in their last tour stop, which keeps them in a great spot to move into a playoff position with Position Round looming around the corner. DMV Hit Squad is getting into mid-season form and Most Wanted is finally showing what they are capable of when they bowl together. Marlow Heights is very familiar for both of these squads. This should be a slug fest and will come down to the last game. DMV Hit Squad should take this one in a thriller, 22 to 18.

3. Boardwalk Empire vs. Infamous – So, BE took a setback against a very strong SBC, but all is not lost, they are still right where they would like to be, in the playoff hunt. Infamous, however, is not quite as fortunate with their loss taking them towards the bottom half of the division. Help is on the way, as Marlow Heights is home to pretty much all of the bowlers on Infamous’ roster. Unfortunately, BE is familiar with Marlow and, well, BE is BE. Infamous will fight hard, but will ultimately take a loss in a close one. BE takes this one 24 to 16.

4. Str8bizness Cartel vs. Body Bagz – This will be a fun and competitive match. 😎

5. High Powered vs. Magna Carta – HP got back to their winning ways with a nice victory in their last stop, but Magna Carta continues to struggle mightily on the year. HP is a favorite in any house and Marlow is no different. Magna Carta has a good group of bowlers that love to bowl at Marlow Heights and that should help them keep things competitive on the Scratch and Handicap 1 pairs. However, HP has too much firepower and this should prove to be Magna Carta’s downfall. HP will go into Position Round on a high note, with a solid 26 to 14 win.

6. DC Mafia vs. Dynasty – This should prove to be an interesting match up. Dynasty is bowling very well coming into this Stop and will be looking to slide into a favorable position for Position Round. DCM suffered their first setback of the year and will be looking to rebound in a big way. Both squads have bowlers that can and will score very well in this house. It will come down to who can remain consistent and take advantage of little mistakes by the opposing squad. Ultimately, DCM should take this one 24 to 16 and solidify a top four spot going into Position Round.


DMV North Tour Stop #5 Predictions

Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 1PM in AMF Towson

1. Vipers vs. N.W.O. Wolfpack – Both of these squads took a setback with defeats during the position round. However, only one of these squads loss to the defending champs. N.W.O. will be out for blood and that spells a bad defeat for the Vipers. N.W.O. should cruise to victory, 30 to 10.

2. Pin Krushers vs. The Expendables – Well, The Expendables took advantage of an outmatched Da Stoners for a 38 to 2 victory putting them back in the hunt. PK took a bad defeat to CCC. The Expendables should be able to continue their winning ways with a competitive yet comfortable victory, 24 to 16.

3. Apex Predators vs. Charm City Chaos – Apex and CCC had an inspiring position round. Apex jumps into the final playoff position with a great victory over the Vipers and CCC takes down PK in a big way. Apex should continue their winning ways as many of their bowlers are quite familiar with AMF Towson. I predict large games by a particular Jasper and Kristen. Apex takes this one pretty easily, 28 to 12.

4. Da Stoners vs. Outrage – Well, Da Stoners simply cannot get a break. They were clobbered during position round and draw the defending Champs this Stop. This should be an easy victory by Outrage, 36 to 4.

5. Impact vs. Kryptonite – Well, these two get an immediate run back. The Big K takes advantage of a change of venue and hand Impact their first loss of the season during position round with a 26 to 14 win. Impact and Kryptonite are tied for 1st in this division based on points. Kryptonite might have wanted to wait to see Impact again and simply take their victory and ride their winning wave. However, Impact is excited about the immediate chance to rectify their one stumble on the year. Once again, this will be an extremely good match. Both teams will bring out their best in each other. AMF Towson should play in Kryptonite’s favor. Will they be able to take down Impact twice in a row? Hopefully, Kryptonite won’t let the last victory go to their head. Super GM Rob Bateman has them going in the right direction, but I am guessing that Impact will learn from its mistake and will have a more suitable lineup for this rubber match. This will be a close match, but Impact should emerge victorious, 26 to 14.

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