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Top Ten Matchups

The UBA Top Ten Matchups: October 5-6

Here’s what’s going on in the UBA this weekend.

We have a title on the line and lots of other goodies, so let’s jump in.

10. PA South: Secret Society Vs. Devastation Inc.
The Society is a traditional Powerhouse that look to keep it rolling against a Devastation team that wants to shut it down.

9. DMV South: Boardwalk Empire Vs. Body Bagz
The empire has to deal with a bunch of Unruly Body Bagz who think this is the year they make the playoffs after missing it by this much last year. Will it happen this year?

8. NE North: Raging Bulls Vs. Mojo Masters
Like the Bagz, the Mojos are looking to be the upstart team to gore the bulls, who are looking to reclaim what they had 2 seasons ago. Rudy Feliciano aside, who will be owning the picante?

7. NY North: Justus League Vs. Wrecking Crew
Northeast Vixen’s champion Kayla Jones leads the league against the crew and her arch-nemesis Danielle Merino. Will rivalries be renewed again?

6. NE South: Pound For Pound Vs. Public Enemy
Two of the classic teams in the Northeast get it on once again. Both teams have had recent success in terms of making the playoffs as well. Who’s going to use the other as a stepping stool this time around?

5. NJ South: Duck It Vs. Bullet Proof
Ducky Vs. Mannering. That alone is worth the price of admission here. The fact that they are both pretty good so far this season raises the stakes.

4. NY South: Project Mayhem Vs. DHS
DHS, who traditionally makes the playofs, suffered their first loss during Match #1. Project Mayhem, who are a traditional powerhouse, are looking to put them in a hole they can’t get out of. Will DHS suffer another hit?

3. NJ Shore: Strike City Vs. Alter Ego
Once upon a time, most of the people on Strike City andAlter Ego were on the same team. Not any more, and to have this rivalry this early in the season is going to be fun for Ben Martino and company. But will the elite 8 team get past their Alter Ego?

2. NY East: Bowling Bullies Vs. NY Legendz
Two teams that are very familiar with each other (with no love lost, either) get to set up another round against each other. And if that wasn’t enough…

1. Northeast Welterweight Title: Jessica Del Valle (Bowling Bullies) Vs. Donnell Plummer (NY Legendz)
Two of the team’s major representatives are going to skirmish with the Welterweight title at stake. Can Del Valle, who just obtained the belt at Battle Bowl, hold on to it? Or will the Legendz regain the belt that they just had 2 months ago?


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