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UBA Today Staff

Entertainment Director Bracketologist

Current Team
Good Brothers

Alias: Gordon Pepper
Role: UBA Entertainment Director
Achievements: Won 28 league titles, got to Northeast Tag Team Title Match, and he’s pretty cool when he writes up his own profile.

WCS Coordinator Jonathan Dansbury

Current Team
All In!
Past Teams
Mercer Mayhem, Voodoo

Alias: The Dark Dingle
Role: WCS Northeast Coordinator
Achievements: Former Northeast Tag Team Champion

WCS Coordinator Joe Kowalewski

Current Team
Past Teams
B.U.F.U, Spartanburg Savages

Alias: Lawanda’s Enforcer, Smooth Operator
Role: WCS Southeast Coordinator
Achievements: WCS Resident

WCS Assistant Coordinator Ray Gillespie

Current Team
Spartanburg Savages

Alias: Smash, Abe Froman, Box of Chocolates
Role: WCS Southeast Co-Coordinator
Achievements: WCS Resident


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