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Bobby Hall II Retains Northeast Heavyweight Title; Faces Niko Rivera

The former champ wants his belt back.

“Where am I picking my belt up at in October?”

That came from A Tribe Called Nest’s Niko Rivera, and it came after his 4-1 win over Kryptonite’s Rob Bateman. And if Rivera wins in October, the location will be from the hands of Northeast Heavyweight Champion Bobby Hall (N.W.O. Wolfpack), as he dispatches of DHS’ Bryan Paul by an identical 4-1 score.

In the title match, Hall and Paul split the first two games by a score of 228-207 and 169-200. Then the champion found something that Paul didn’t and ran off the next 3 by the scores of 236-194, 245-225 and 225-208 to successfully defend.

As far as the other match is concerned, both bowlers put on their striking shoes and although Rivera won 4-1, the scores were closer than the match would indicate. Bateman averaged 221, which is better than what Paul did. However, it wasn’t better than what Rivera’s 240 did which led to the same fate; splitting the first 2 games (246-226 / 216-244), and then Rivera closing it out by winning the next 3 (246-219 / 254-221 / 237-196)

That sets up Bobby Hall II Vs. Niko Rivera – 2 bowlers who are not afraid to let everyone – and their opponents – know how they feel. October is going to be a fun title month.

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